Le Canada, finally!

Depuis le temps qu’on voulait l’visiter ce Canada! Voilà, on a nos billets & on part pour un cours séjour. du 22 Mars au 4 Avril …Image

À nos doudounes!

La Teste

Une ballade hivernale proche du parc ornitho de La Teste….


one of my favorite place in Iceland, Vik is so charming and the beach with black sand unique



on the loop road in Connemara…lovely place

Cliff of Moher

Cliff of Moher

In the morning after the rain, the sun started to show up…

The Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone national park

Hello world!

I’ve decided to start a new photo blog…just wanna share with everyone my pictures and connect with people around the world who share same interests with me such as nature & wildlife…

If you like my stuff, feel free to follow me and comment! 

See you soon



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